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Definition: Domestic Producer Price Index (DPPI) is a measure of the change in the prices of goods and services sold as output by domestic producers in a given reference period.

Classification: NACE, Rev.2.
B (Mining and Quarrying), C (Manufacturing), D (Electricity and Gas) and E-36 (Water).

Industrial coverage: Mining and Quarrying, Manufacturing, Electricty, Gas and Water.

Types of prices: Prices are cash prices, excluding VAT and all relevant taxes (Basic prices).

Geographical coverage: Turkey.

Data are compiled from survey results. Different searches (Annual Industrial Product Statistics, Industrial Production and Turnover Statistics, GNP data) are made depending on the sectors. 

Web based questionnaires are used for price collection. Prices of products are collected in the sampled establishments on the 5th, 15th and 25th days of each month. 

06-Crude oil and natural gas and 35-Electricity, gas production and distribution sectors are compiled with one-month delayed weighted average prices.

Results of the DPPI are announced to the public in the 3rd day or consequent working day of the month at 10:00 with a news bulletin. The data are disseminated simultaneously to all interested parties through a database and news bulletin.

Index formula: Laspeyres

Reference period: 2003 =100.

Computation of the lowest level indices: Average of price relatives is used to combine basic price observation to first level index.

Frequency of weight updates: Every year.

Period of current index weight: t-2

Seasonally adjusted indices: There are no seasonally adjusted indices. 

For the statistics produced in the scope of this press release, revision is not foreseen in the current year. Any future revision shall be publicly announced.