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Meta Data

Revision reasons and method: The revisions can be done after publishing News Release in order to correct the data if the holdings make corrections for their previous data. If necessary, the data of previous month might be revised in the Release of related month; and the data of all months of related year might be revised in the last month Release.

Publication: 1 basic table is published as standard with newsletters.

Definition: Milk and Milk Products  statistics cover annual and monthly studies. The aims of the study are to monitor the developments in the economic structure of Turkey, to compile data sets for monitoring the status of Milk and Milk Products  holdings, one of the sectors constituting agricultural economic, to obtain the information used for economic and social measures taken by decision makers, to prepare data for various studies for defining milk policies, to define the share of sector in national income, to compile data in coherent with European Union animal production legislation.

Classifications: PRODCOM and CPA 2008

Seasonal and calendar adjustment was applied between the years 2014-2019 related to information compiled by the survey.
Geographical Scope: Geographical scope is all over Turkey.

Timeliness and periodicity: t+45 Monthly 

The information compiled through the monthly on the website of TURKSTAT
and survey published.
  •  Sources: Number of livestock and related data are obtained directly from the Province Directorates of Ministry of Food,Agriculture and Livestock through Electronical Data Network (EDN) . The data on some animal products are estimated by using certain calculation methods. Data on sericulture is obtained from Bursa Silk Cocoon Association of Agriculture Sale Cooperatives. 

  • Monthly data sources are establishments that use animal products as input under the subgroupof NACE Rev.2, 10.11 and 15.11; 01.47 and 10.12; 10.51 in industry.

  •  Data Collection Method: Annual data is collected through electronical media via web.Monthly data is compiled by TURKSTAT Regional Offices via questionnaire, phone and fax. 

  • Revision Rule: Monthly data are temporary and revised if required when publishing the last month’s data. If revision on data occurs in the previous month , it has been revised while data has been published in the related next month.
  • Processing system: The data entered to web monthly by holdings have been controlled by TurkStat Regional Offices. The data mining methods have been applied after control and consistency analysis. The final data comprehensively analyzed in macro and micro level by Regional Offices through data mining process have been sent to the Central Office. The data controlled again by Agricultural Production Statistics Group in the Central Office become ready for publishing after analysis and controls. 

    Recording of the process: The recording time for the data is the month following the related month.

    The Revision Information Form regarding the revisions to be carried out in 2018 for the statistics produced in the scope of this press release can be accessed from the link below.