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Meta Data
Poultry and eggs production statistics' studies are only conducted to poultry holdings in industry (excluding household poultry farms).

Data collection method: A username and a password were given to every holding by TurkStat. The holdings enter their data electronically through web every month with these passwords to data entry system set by TurkStat. 

Processing system: The data entered to web monthly by holdings have been controlled by TurkStat Regional Offices. The data mining methods have been applied after control and consistency analysis. The final data comprehensively analyzed in macro and micro level by Regional Offices through data mining process have been sent to the Central Office. The data controlled again by Agricultural Production Statistics Group in the Central Office become ready for publishing after analysis and controls. 

Recording of the process: The recording time for the data is the month following the related month.

Revision reasons and method: The revisions can be done after publishing News Release in order to correct the data if the holdings make corrections for their previous data. If necessary, the data of previous month might be revised in the Release of related month; and the data of all months of related year might be revised in the last month Release.

Publishing: A basic table has been published together with News Releases. In this News Release, production data, change ratios according to previous month and same month of last year are published monthly.

Seasonal adjustment were applied for the data of eggs production, the number of slaughtered chickens, poultry meat production, the number of slaughtered turkeys, and turkey meat production between the years of 2014-2019.

Definition: Poultry production statistics cover annual and monthly studies. The aims of the study are to monitor the developments in the economic structure of Turkey, to compile data sets for monitoring the status of poultry holdings, one of the sectors constituting agricultural economic, to obtain the information used for economic and social measures taken by decision makers, to prepare data for various studies for defining poultry policies, to define the share of sector in national income, to compile data in coherent with European Union animal production legislation.     

Classifications: PRODCOM and CPA 2008

The data on monthly hen eggs production, slaughtered chicken numbers, and produced chicken meat were firstly published in News Release in December 2010. The data between January-October 2010 were covered in this study. The data on slaughtered turkey numbers, and produced turkey meat have been published through monthly starting from 2013, including 2012 data. The data on eggs placed in incubation for chicks of broiler, hatched chicks for broiler, eggs placed in incubation for chicks of laying hen, and hatched chicks for laying hen have been published through monthly starting from 2014, including 2013 data. The data on eggs placed in incubation for chicks of turkey, number of hatched chicks for turkey, and the quail data have been published starting from March 2016.

Geographical scope: The geographical scope is whole Turkey.

The statistics in this News Release are obtained by full scope survey method from commercial firms. Aggregated data of Turkey are directly obtained from firms without any calculation.  

Information form on revisions for the statistics produced in this scope of this News Release for the year of 2020 can be accessed from the link below.