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Meta Data

I. Analytical Framework, Concepts, Definitions, and Classifications

• Purpose:
Statistics on registered and withdrawn road motor vehicles in our country are produced in order to follow the improvements in the otomotive sector, support decision makers on economic and social measures while prepare development plans and prepare data for various researches.

II. Scope of the data

• Scope:
All the vehicles which are obliged to take registration plate in accordance with Highway Traffic Law are covered. This registration is done by traffic registration agencies under General Directorate of Public Security (GDPS) and includes all motor vehicles which are registered.

• Scope Deficiency:
  • Vehicles of Turkish Army and vehicles present in Turkey with military purposes according to various agreements
  • Vehicles grouped under work machines which are not registired by General Directorate of Public Security
  • Nonmotorized vehicles,    
are excluded.

III. Accounting Conventions

• Official records:
Data of andGeneral Directorate of Public Security that should be holded as regarding the duties of these instution,are used as statistical data source .So there aren’t any accounting processes to be done.

IV. Nature of the Basic Data Sources

• Data Sources :
General Directorate of Public Security

• Data compilation method: Data is taken from GDPS and statistics are produced by using The Application and Action Form of Vehicles for Traffic Registration which is obliged to be filled and submitted to traffic registration agencies or traffic registration head offices that enter those data into database of General Directorate of Public Security.

V. Compilation Practices

• Processing system:
After consistency analysis applied, data is compared with the data of previous years.

VII. Other Aspects

• Variables:

Vehicle registered: Road motor vehicles that received the traffic registration certificate which is obligatory for the vehicles to be driven in traffic.

Vehicle withdrawn: Road motor vehicles withdrawn from traffic due to scrapping by accidents or time, confiscation decisions of courts, exportation of registered vehicles to abroad, deregistration caused by incorrect registration information or leaving the vehicles to the customs.

Hand over: Road motor vehicles handed over are that the owners of them had changed through the notaries for one time or more.

Private vehicle: Road motor vehicles used without commercial aims by persons, organizations or institutions by having special license plates issued by Traffic Departments.

Commercial vehicle: Road motor vehicles which are designed to carry passenger or goods for commercial gain, having commercial license plates issued by Traffic Departments.

Official vehicle: Road motor vehicles which are designed to carry passenger and goods for public services, having official license plates issued by Traffic Departments. Motor vehicles with official license plates which render services to the municipalities are included here as they are shown under the title of “Official”.

Car: A motor vehicle intended for the transport of passengers and seating not more than nine persons (excluding the driver).

Minibus: A bus intended for the transport of passengers seating no more than seventeen persons.

Bus: A motor vehicle intented for the transport of passengers seating no more than nine persons including the driver. Trolleybuses are also included in this classification.

Motorcycle: Two-wheeled or three-wheeled road motor vehicles with or without sidecar (ATV’S are also included).

Small truck: Road motor vehicles designed to carry goods, to a maximum laden permissible weight of vehicle not exceeding 3500 kg.

Truck: Road motor vehicles designed to carry goods, exceeding 3500 kg laden in weight.

Special purpose vehicle: Road motor vehicles designed for a special purpose to carry persons or goods such as fire engines, ambulances, hearses, radio, cinema, television, library or research vehicles and vehicles designed to haul or lift broken down vehicles.

Tractor : Road motor vehicles designed to haul trailer and semi-trailers under specific conditions but not used for commercial transport purposes.
VI. Revisions:

For the statistics produced in the scope of this press release, revision is not foreseen in the current year. Any future revision shall be publicly announced.
VIII. Footnotes:
Because of the registration changes, corrections in the registration records and updates in the vehicle registers done in the Motor Vehicle Database by General Directorate of Public Security, it may not be possible to reach the total vehicle park by adding the new vehicle registers to the total vehicle park of the previous month.