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Meta Data
Definition: Services Producer Price Index (SPPI) is a measure of the change over time in the producer prices of services in a given reference period.
Classification: NACE Rev. 2. H (Transportation and Storage Services), I (Accommodation and Food Services), J (Information and Communication Services), L (Real Estate Services), M (Professional, Scientific And Technical Services), N (Administrative and Support Services) are covered.
Index formula: Laspeyres.
Computation of the lowest level indices: Average of price relatives is used to combine basic price observation to first level index.
Seasonally adjusted indices: There are no seasonally adjusted indices.
Web based questionnaires are used for data collection. Prices of services are collected in the sampled establishments as the average selling prices of each month.Price compilation methods are given below:

1-Transaction price: It is the actual transaction price of recurring services. Customer-specific discounts are reflected.

2-Contract price: This method is used if there is a service delivery based on contracts covering more than one month.

3-List price: It is the predetermined standard prices of the services used in cases where the actual prices are not possible to follow. It is suitable for sectors where customer-specific discounts are negligible.

4-Unit price: In cases where the products can be defined as homogeneous, it is the price obtained by proportioning the sales value to the quantity.

5-Model price: It is the price obtained by establishing a model with input prices in sectors where it is difficult to define a standard product and thus to follow the price of the repetitive service.

6-Working hour price: In certain sectors, the most important and weighted input cost is the labour cost of the service. It is the price defined as hourly income for companies' continuous services.

7-Commission rate: In some sectors, it is the price obtained by measuring the change in commission and service fee rates. The price index of this sector is calculated by multiplying the change in the commission rate with the price index calculated for the relevant sector.
Results of the SPPI are announced to the public on the last day or consequent working day of the following month at 10:00 with a news bulletin.
The data are disseminated simultaneously to all interested parties through a database and news bulletin.

Sources of weights: National Accounts and Annual Turnover Survey by Products
In NACE classification, three-digit level and higher level weights are obtained from the National Accounts system. Product and product group weights are obtained from the results of the Annual Turnover Survey by Products in product detail.
Frequency of weight updates: Every year.
Period of current index weight: t-2
Reference period: 2017 =100.

For the statistics produced in the scope of this press release, revision is not foreseen in the current year. Any future revision shall be publicly announced.
Industrial coverage: Transportation and Storage Services, Accommodation and Food Services, Information and Communication Services, Real Estate Services, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Administrative and Support Services.
Types of prices: Prices are excluding VAT and all relevant taxes (Basic prices). All sales are covered in the index including business to business (B-to-B), business to consumer (B-to-C), business to export (B-to-E).
Geographical coverage: Turkey.