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Definition: The Rates of Financial Investment Real Profits  are calculation of  monthly, quarterly, bi-annually yearly and yearly average real profits (demoted by CPI and D-PPI) of Deposit Interest, Stock Exchange (BIST 100), Gold (ingot), US Dollar, Euro and Government Domestic Debt Instruments (GDDI).

Transactions coverage: Real profits of deposit interest calculations were performed by using the current interest rates on deposits received from banks with 90% of total deposits. The weighted average interest rates applied to actually opened interest rates on deposits in banks calculated from September 2016. Data of January 2006-August 2016 revised by using weighted average interest rates (flow).

In stock exchange monthly average of 1st and 2nd closing session prices of compound index (BIST 100) is used. Index of BIST 100 is calculated from the stocks running at least 60 days in stock exchange and stocks of 100 national companies which have the most market value and daily average transaction.

US Dollar and Euro are the monthly average of getting exchange of 1 Euro and 1 Dollar determined by Central Bank of Republic of Turkey.

In Gold (ingot) prices, monthly average ingot gold prices (TL/gr) of Istanbul stock exchange are used.

Real profit rates of Government Domestic Debt Instruments are calculated by using BIST-KYD GDS ALL Index under BIST-KYD GDS Indices, which is published by Borsa İstanbul. This index reflects the yield of zero coupon and fixed-rate coupon Turkish Government Debt Securities (GDS), which are traded in Debt Securities Market, by covering all maturity bands. 

 Calculation purified from inflation (for CPI and D-PPI):


((Yi[Nominal profit (Ti)+100)]/(Rate of change (D-PPI or CPI)(Ti)+100))*100- 100

Yi: Financial Investment

Ti: Period (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, yearly, yearly average)  

Sources: Deposit Interest, Stock Exchange (BIST 100), Gold (ingot), US Dollar, Euro and BIST-KYD GDS ALL Index.

Processing system: Data are collected from the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey, banks and Borsa İstanbul.

Processing site: Turkey's Rates Of Real Profits Created By Means Of  Financial Investment data are processed only by the Turkish Statistical Institute.

Timing of recording transactions: The news bulletin “Rates Of Real Profits Created By Means Of Financial Investment” is published and announced to the public on the 9th of  each month at 10:00.

Information form and methodological document about main revision carried out in 2015 for the statistics produced in this scope of this press release can be accessed from the links below. Revision is not foreseen in 2017.